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Celebrate international sports with soccer, Spanish-language support, and the Olympics

With the 2012 Summer Olympics in full swing in London, we're excited to announce some improvements to the ESPN API that will keep you in the "international sports" frame of mind.

First, we now support soccer across our Headlines, Teams, Athletes, Standings, and Scores APIs. As the world's game, it's not surprising that we've had a lot of inquiries asking us to support soccer. With this release, public developers will be able to tap into soccer news content at a global level, as well as per league. Basic team and athlete information is available to all public developers in line with our last major product release. For ESPN developers and strategic partners, standings and scores/schedules for all major soccer leagues are now available.

As any soccer fan knows, there are a TON of soccer leagues. Be sure to use a helper API call (i.e. to get a list of valid soccer league abbreviations that can be used in various API calls.

In addition to supporting soccer, we now have Spanish-language support across our Headlines, Teams, Athletes, Standings, and Scores APIs by setting the accept-language HTTP header to "es" or using a "lang=es" parameter.

As an example, this API call will return the top Spanish sports stories on

This will return top sports stories for Spanish-speaking fans in Mexico:

This will return a list of athletes in the NBA, with links to their pages:

Also note that links to Web and Mobile content that are returned in the API will point to the appropriate Spanish content location when that language is requested. Check out the documentation for each API for additional details on how to retrieve Spanish content.

Last but not least, ESPN developers and strategic partners are currently tapping into Olympics schedule, results, and medal count information through our new Medals API and improvements to our Scores API. Sports fans can see these APIs in action today by signing up for Olympics notifications with If This Then That (IFTTT), or by checking out to see their ESPN-powered Olympics module.

As always we will continue to bring regular, incremental improvements to the ESPN API to serve developers across all of our access tiers. Check the ESPN Developer Center regularly for announcements.

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics!